Send My Love

Send My Love X Koha Digital

Koha Digital is the next-gen fintech company for legacy planning. The objective and primary business of the Company is to provide a Digital Wealth and Legacy Planning services in Malaysia and ASEAN member states, built on top of a “Blockchain”.

Send My Love is a marketplace platform focused on gifting and creating unforgettable moments for the loved ones of their users. Our vision is to digitalise the gifting industry by introducing Eco-Friendly NFT marketplace focusing on gifting which is called Endless.

The areas of co-operation are as such:

• To encourage and promote brand awareness of Send My Love
• To transition Send My Love into a Super App via this strategic alliance with Koha Digital
• To encourage and promote the use of Koha Digital online platform
• To co-operate in the field of promoting legacy planning with Koha Digital
• Any other areas of co-operation to is mutually agreed between both

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